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Products & Services 

Brand Activation's | Direct Sales | Promotions

Activations and Promotions are the part of “Direct-Response Marketing”
We provide end-to-end Brand Activation & Promotions solution accurately
under the supervision of professional event organizers who exhibit in-depth
understanding of the marketing & advertising requirements which remain in
sync with the growing demands of the potential clients and target audience

• University campus | Mall and In-Store activation
• Road Show |Flyer distribution campaigns | Event Activations
• Corporate Business Expansion
• Product Launches & Brand Promotions
• Brand Engagement Campaigns
• Customer Loyalty Programs
• Customer Retention Program
• Merchandising & Retail Branding
• Awareness Generation Promotions
• Customized Conference & Events
• Brand ambassadors / Promoters for events

Micro influencers

Compared to traditional marketing where companies control what is advertised, influencer marketing means handing over control of your brand narrative to someone we have trained and understands your brand objectives/ goals, from a consumer perspective, this provides a more objective opinion of the product or service and
keeps the trust between influencer and their audience.

A common misconception about influencer marketing is it only works for famous brands with the most popular influencers. This idea may appear true; however, influencer marketing is for any brand who wants to expand their reach through individuals in their niche on social media. These individuals can be micro-influencers
who don’t have millions of followers but receive a higher rate of engagement.

In short, influencer marketing is a social media advertising strategy that leverages the social clout of influencers. For any influencer campaign to be successful, we define who you will influence. We are specific and narrow down your audience. Once you hit your biggest fans, they will promote your product, share your content, and grow your brand’s reputation.

PlaceMyBrand’s Goal 

Is to create sustainable growth in the client’s product sales through effective implementation of Direct Marketing , sales strategies and MediaBuying Strategy . 

The aim is to achieve growing results even after the campaign has ended, which is something we offer our clients.

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